Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Different Take on Men's Trousers

There has been a low-key phenomenon within the fashion industry and some street walkers who has embraced this idea of an "over-sized" trouser. Pleated, tapered, or just all around baggy, designers like Dior Homme, Vivienne Westwood, Bottega Veneta, Belstaff, Salvatore Ferragamo and few others have embraced this new art of "over-sized" men's trousers. Dior has taken full force of a new way of manipulating pleated dress pants by making them bulge out and come back in at the ankle.

For those of you who wants to be a part of this sensation but wants to take it down a notch, Ferragamo's "over-sized" trousers are well proportioned with less volume and is more casual, but still classy. I have only seen a few men in public wearing "over-sized" trousers and as long you can work it and pair it with a great loafers or dress-shoes, it looks amazing. Seeing a man wearing a pair on the streets with a fitted cardigan with loafers is definitely a feast for the eyes.
Its different, modern, and unique, with a classic perception.

Dior Homme

Dior Homme

Vivienne Westwood

Emanuel Engaro


Salvatore Ferragamo

Bottega Veneta

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