Monday, December 29, 2008


Studs were something that were related to punks or were considered as a "weapon" (according to House of Blues) in the past. Now it has been refined, polished, and more fabulous and bad-ass than ever. (Sorry Clash fans, studs are becoming a bit more glamorized). Meaning girls like Lauren Conrad (gag), thinks she's punk and can get away with wearing a large studded belt. NO. I don't think so.
Anyway, here are some options designers gave us and that I have chosen to those who still have a little punk in us. Why get rid of it when you can get in touch with it?

(I want these Rodarte platforms so bad...)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

"It is about God, yeah."

So I recently found out that one of my favorite songs is not about a girl, not about life, not even about a damn sandwich, but about God. I was blown away and I almost had to stop the car. Cat told me to listen to the lyrics carefully and that it would make more sense. Yea, I can see it as a song for God/Jesus, but i thought he was talking about a girl, or a boy, I didn't care; just not God.. You could take MGMT's "Electric Feel" song, take out 'girl', 'baby', and 'she', and you have yourself a deep, hip, religious song.
This discovery has led me to more research, finding out his father is a gospel minister and a recording artist. Also, according to Wiki, "In a video interview, Sparro confirmed that the song's subject is his religious faith, saying "It is about God, yeah. [...] I do like to have faith in something that is bigger than me." So there you have it, a hipster electronica, pop, religious song..
Oh and did I mention he is openly gay as well? Talk about mixing labels and categories.. its making it harder for Cat and me to categorize these things.. Reaching out through hipsters.. Its either genius, or embarrassing.. I haven't decided yet.
On the other hand, he made a song called 'Cottonmouth'. 'Black and Gold' and 'Cottonmouth' have a real high contrast between each other.. Possibly that was his past, and now he's cleaning up.


So I guess South Park was right... You can turn any love song into a Christian song, vise versa.

Well anyway, here's "Black and Gold". The video is pleasing. Male models in fitted tuxedos and top hats. Can't ask for more.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Rodrigo Amarante, Fab Moretti & Devendra Banhart just to name a few involved.

So good. So fantastic.

the end.

don't believe me? See it for yourself.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Boots are made for kicking ass.

So this winter, with the snow and all (finally), I was seeking out to find sturdy boots that wouldn't tear after a rock scratches it, or a heel getting fucked up from walking around too much on unpaved roads. Looking through cute boots from various websites and designers, I realized, these aren't going to last in the snow/ice, and unpaved roads, let alone have any traction, forcing me to eat shit, as I am walking through the snow, drunk. (that is a possibility)
As I have been searching far and wide for comfortable, sturdy, yet aesthetically attractive boots, I came to realize, Dr. Martin's. DUH. So after looking through some of those, I was planning to purchase simple black leather Dr. Martin boots, until I found these babies.

Coincidentally, it snowed a lot today (4 inches), and so I tested out these boots and boy did they suffice. I shoveled snow and walked place to place in these boots. They are my favorite pair of shoes at the moment. And the touch of combat boot makes it ten times better and they match with my clothes just fine.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Finally, FINALLY, a place where everything that has to do with art is open to the public and is successful. And, you know what's even better about it?? They serve food because it is a restaurant as well.

SupperClub is this growing trend of restaurants that not only serves food, but also serves all different types of art, such as, music, dancing, performing, painting, etc. It's like a nightclub/ restaurant for people who are sick of seeing sleezy old men, or a million of look alike girls in their Bebe or Marcianos outfits attempting to dance but can't because they don't know what dancing is besides rubbing their groin on each other. (I almost puked thinking about it)

They are sort of like a society, building up their name by having their own music, their own magazine, and even their own vodka. (that seems to be the trend nowadays, your own vodka label..) This concept is almost too good to be true, and with this recession going on, let us pray SupperClub does not go down the drain.

This place is a must go, see, eat, and drink. They have various locations: Amsterdam, Istanbul, San Francisco, and Singapore. I believe all of the locations have a fixed menu, and everyday is a different event, so click on agenda and if you find a night you think you'll enjoy, make sure to RSVP before it's too late.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Latest Obsession: Lykke Li

Straight out of Stockholm, Sweden, Lykke Li (Li Lykke Timotej Zachrisson), brings a unique voice, sound, and style. At first, I did not think anything of her, but the more and more I researched and listened, she gave me that sense of "something new". It is like a piece of art work that is easy on the eye, but avante-garde at the same time. Her style and presence is strange but beautiful. After watching "Little Bit", the top bun never looked so good with a silver jacket and striped shirt. Also, it might be safe to say that she is definitely bringing the bun back. Another trend you will see in her videos are dancing; unique and interesting dancing. Why not? She does have a past of dancing on Swedish T.V. shows.
Not only does Li have an interesting voice, but her clothing and style are up to par as well. She keeps her color palette quite simple by wearing colors like black, grey, and white, with some gold jewelry. Her style definitely defines and represents European street fashion. She' so cute and fierce at the same time. I can't get enough of her.

Oh, and I recommend watching live acoustic videos of her because her voice live will blow you away.

Here is "I'm Good, I'm Gone" music video.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Deconstruction at its finest. It is a growing trend in and out of the fashion industry. Clothing that have been deconstructed, are seen everywhere from the runway, on to the streets of Stockholm and any other popular cities.
Remember when Christian Siriano was complaining on Project Runway, "Deconstruct, deconstruct. All they want us to do is deconstruct. Its so elementary."? (Well, he said something close to that). Too bad Christian, looks like deconstruction is back in full force this year, and probably next year too. Designers from Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood, and the notorious Rodarte with their deconstructed tights, are all in the hype of deconstructing their clothes. So if you think your clothes look tattered and ripped up (intentionally but not, kind of), do not fret, you are on the path of following a trend.

Yves Saint Laurent

Vivenne Westwood


Maison Martin Margiela

Jean Paul Gaultier


Dior Homme

Dior Homme

Costume National

Comme de Garçon

Comme de Garçon

Christian Lacroix


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tycho ISO50

Scott Hansen is a genius.

I was listening to his "The Disconnect" and a friend listening in said that it "sounds like colour", which is so spot on, but such an odd way of describing sound. How can music sound like colour? I'm not sure, but it does, and it looks like his posters, which are the best reimagining of late 60s early 70s advertisements, besides being classic good design. I attribute this visual/auditory awesomeness to his design influences, which he and others write about in his popular blog. I get a lot of a Northern California influence feeling from a lot of his posters, and it specifically reminds me of this one Walnut Creek area house I was once in that had wood panelling and basement type place with chartreuse shag carpeting, but it was built in to the side of a hill, so we could see into the woods. Also kind of reminds me of the house I grew up in, built in the 70s, it had that pumpkin orange and brown tiling and a lamp made out of that translucent seashell material. Anyways, I can't get enough of his style. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So Good, but a Bit Expensive

Having trouble finding Euro-styled clothing in America?
Well I got an amazing store for you. Pixie Market. The price is not cheap, but not ridiculously expensive. If you got some moneys, you should spend it at Pixie Market. Everything from their dresses, coats, shoes, and accessories will blow your mind. They got lace ankle boots, braided scarves, jumper dresses, tapered trousers, and more. I can't get enough. Cat and I give it a thumbs up.

Here are some samplings of their amazing-ness.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everyone wants Mohr.

Big hype. Huge deal. If you're in our world, you will probably agree.

The big hype and the huge deal, is someone who has been internationally everywhere in the fashion industry. I have been wanting to mention him for a while now, because every time I pick up a men's magazine (I prefer men's fashion most of the time), I always run into his face for some ad or photo-shoot. In addition, whenever I am viewing photographs from a runway show, there he is, walking down the runway for designers like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dior Homme, Dries Van Noten, Hermès, John Galliano, Burberry, just to name a few..

So why is Cole Mohr, Texas-born, punk-rock loving, edgy, goofy, yet sarcastic boy so popular and wanted by everyone from NY to Japan? Here's why.


I don't think I have to write anything persuasive about his strong, yet soft face, complimented with his big blue, eyes, plus bitchin' jaw-line, and how he can pull off a plethora of looks. Even though he is everywhere, his face will never get old. He is always doing something daring, and completely different, while looking good doing it. Plus, his taste in music is pretty elite and his tattoos give him street cred.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Next 'vintage'?

60s, 70s, 80s. These are the generic decades of vintage fashion and music. Supposedly the nostalgia for an era gone by reaches its peak about 20 years after. If this is the case, then this is what's next:

(Bobby works out and reads and likes to stay home. Or he did back in 1989 anyhows.)

And I'm okay with that. The fact that what can be called vintage, classic or retro is starting to creep up on the day I was born makes me feel really old, but even so, I can't wait for people to start bringing back neon leotards. Seriously, thats the last time in the last 20 years that I can think of when clothing was really kitchy and odd and kind of lame. I think the 90s were kind of lame, but I like that. We need a little more lameness. We already have this 'grunge revival' thing happening (plaid much?) but please dear lord on the other side don't bring light wash back. 
Fashionably lame:

Pluses: bandage dresses
Minuses: oversized 'career' jacket

Future Mrs. Urkle has a bomb jacket. Zee end. 

My favorite early 90s style whores, Pats and Eddy. 

It kind of feels like the 90s just ended, but really 1999 was basically a decade ago. Yet no one has said bust out your denim overalls, thank goodness.

Will Marc and Maya revive 1990?
Should Marc just relaunch his breakout line? 

Jeremy Scott (with MIA again, why is she so cool? dunno... )

On a side note, how awesome is this tux hoody from Jeremy Scott for Adidas?

I use to have this pink pullover from Japan that had a dog on it that had two ear flaps that said 'hello' and 'goodbye' on each of them when you turned them up. It was quite possibly the lamest thing I've ever owned. I was six, but I'm pretty sure I'm never going to be cooler then when I was six. To me, that was the 90s, and thats how I want 90s revival to look. Like a pink dog sweater. With stirrup pants.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lookbook: a style database?

For those who aren't in the know, is a site where the fashionable can upload their favorite looks and everyone else belonging to the site can "hype" them. Its a pretty interesting idea, like they said, "inspired by The Sartorialist", but with feedback from others. I question the motive behind catagorizing "Brands", but I almost kind of like the exclusivity of "invite only" that the site promotes, in other words, if you don't pass their style test, you can't even upload. I suppose it gets rid of the frim fram. There is a little element of ridiculous, kind of like hotornot for those fabric-ly inclined. Opinionizing aside, these are some of my favorite looks/users of the site.

oh, coco

So here at TAL, we are a little obsessed with menswear, male models and dude stuff. BUT, we swear we like them girls too. Aside from Agyness, I haven't seen a lot of great faces (besides the crazy goodness that is Karen Elson), until I saw Coco Rocha a few seasons ago.
 She has such a distinct look, despite not really having anything too crazy about her. I think its her nose. 

...with my other favorite redhead