Monday, December 15, 2008

Boots are made for kicking ass.

So this winter, with the snow and all (finally), I was seeking out to find sturdy boots that wouldn't tear after a rock scratches it, or a heel getting fucked up from walking around too much on unpaved roads. Looking through cute boots from various websites and designers, I realized, these aren't going to last in the snow/ice, and unpaved roads, let alone have any traction, forcing me to eat shit, as I am walking through the snow, drunk. (that is a possibility)
As I have been searching far and wide for comfortable, sturdy, yet aesthetically attractive boots, I came to realize, Dr. Martin's. DUH. So after looking through some of those, I was planning to purchase simple black leather Dr. Martin boots, until I found these babies.

Coincidentally, it snowed a lot today (4 inches), and so I tested out these boots and boy did they suffice. I shoveled snow and walked place to place in these boots. They are my favorite pair of shoes at the moment. And the touch of combat boot makes it ten times better and they match with my clothes just fine.

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