Thursday, October 30, 2008

Everyone wants Mohr.

Big hype. Huge deal. If you're in our world, you will probably agree.

The big hype and the huge deal, is someone who has been internationally everywhere in the fashion industry. I have been wanting to mention him for a while now, because every time I pick up a men's magazine (I prefer men's fashion most of the time), I always run into his face for some ad or photo-shoot. In addition, whenever I am viewing photographs from a runway show, there he is, walking down the runway for designers like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dior Homme, Dries Van Noten, Herm├Ęs, John Galliano, Burberry, just to name a few..

So why is Cole Mohr, Texas-born, punk-rock loving, edgy, goofy, yet sarcastic boy so popular and wanted by everyone from NY to Japan? Here's why.


I don't think I have to write anything persuasive about his strong, yet soft face, complimented with his big blue, eyes, plus bitchin' jaw-line, and how he can pull off a plethora of looks. Even though he is everywhere, his face will never get old. He is always doing something daring, and completely different, while looking good doing it. Plus, his taste in music is pretty elite and his tattoos give him street cred.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Next 'vintage'?

60s, 70s, 80s. These are the generic decades of vintage fashion and music. Supposedly the nostalgia for an era gone by reaches its peak about 20 years after. If this is the case, then this is what's next:

(Bobby works out and reads and likes to stay home. Or he did back in 1989 anyhows.)

And I'm okay with that. The fact that what can be called vintage, classic or retro is starting to creep up on the day I was born makes me feel really old, but even so, I can't wait for people to start bringing back neon leotards. Seriously, thats the last time in the last 20 years that I can think of when clothing was really kitchy and odd and kind of lame. I think the 90s were kind of lame, but I like that. We need a little more lameness. We already have this 'grunge revival' thing happening (plaid much?) but please dear lord on the other side don't bring light wash back. 
Fashionably lame:

Pluses: bandage dresses
Minuses: oversized 'career' jacket

Future Mrs. Urkle has a bomb jacket. Zee end. 

My favorite early 90s style whores, Pats and Eddy. 

It kind of feels like the 90s just ended, but really 1999 was basically a decade ago. Yet no one has said bust out your denim overalls, thank goodness.

Will Marc and Maya revive 1990?
Should Marc just relaunch his breakout line? 

Jeremy Scott (with MIA again, why is she so cool? dunno... )

On a side note, how awesome is this tux hoody from Jeremy Scott for Adidas?

I use to have this pink pullover from Japan that had a dog on it that had two ear flaps that said 'hello' and 'goodbye' on each of them when you turned them up. It was quite possibly the lamest thing I've ever owned. I was six, but I'm pretty sure I'm never going to be cooler then when I was six. To me, that was the 90s, and thats how I want 90s revival to look. Like a pink dog sweater. With stirrup pants.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lookbook: a style database?

For those who aren't in the know, is a site where the fashionable can upload their favorite looks and everyone else belonging to the site can "hype" them. Its a pretty interesting idea, like they said, "inspired by The Sartorialist", but with feedback from others. I question the motive behind catagorizing "Brands", but I almost kind of like the exclusivity of "invite only" that the site promotes, in other words, if you don't pass their style test, you can't even upload. I suppose it gets rid of the frim fram. There is a little element of ridiculous, kind of like hotornot for those fabric-ly inclined. Opinionizing aside, these are some of my favorite looks/users of the site.

oh, coco

So here at TAL, we are a little obsessed with menswear, male models and dude stuff. BUT, we swear we like them girls too. Aside from Agyness, I haven't seen a lot of great faces (besides the crazy goodness that is Karen Elson), until I saw Coco Rocha a few seasons ago.
 She has such a distinct look, despite not really having anything too crazy about her. I think its her nose. 

...with my other favorite redhead