Monday, December 29, 2008


Studs were something that were related to punks or were considered as a "weapon" (according to House of Blues) in the past. Now it has been refined, polished, and more fabulous and bad-ass than ever. (Sorry Clash fans, studs are becoming a bit more glamorized). Meaning girls like Lauren Conrad (gag), thinks she's punk and can get away with wearing a large studded belt. NO. I don't think so.
Anyway, here are some options designers gave us and that I have chosen to those who still have a little punk in us. Why get rid of it when you can get in touch with it?

(I want these Rodarte platforms so bad...)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

"It is about God, yeah."

So I recently found out that one of my favorite songs is not about a girl, not about life, not even about a damn sandwich, but about God. I was blown away and I almost had to stop the car. Cat told me to listen to the lyrics carefully and that it would make more sense. Yea, I can see it as a song for God/Jesus, but i thought he was talking about a girl, or a boy, I didn't care; just not God.. You could take MGMT's "Electric Feel" song, take out 'girl', 'baby', and 'she', and you have yourself a deep, hip, religious song.
This discovery has led me to more research, finding out his father is a gospel minister and a recording artist. Also, according to Wiki, "In a video interview, Sparro confirmed that the song's subject is his religious faith, saying "It is about God, yeah. [...] I do like to have faith in something that is bigger than me." So there you have it, a hipster electronica, pop, religious song..
Oh and did I mention he is openly gay as well? Talk about mixing labels and categories.. its making it harder for Cat and me to categorize these things.. Reaching out through hipsters.. Its either genius, or embarrassing.. I haven't decided yet.
On the other hand, he made a song called 'Cottonmouth'. 'Black and Gold' and 'Cottonmouth' have a real high contrast between each other.. Possibly that was his past, and now he's cleaning up.


So I guess South Park was right... You can turn any love song into a Christian song, vise versa.

Well anyway, here's "Black and Gold". The video is pleasing. Male models in fitted tuxedos and top hats. Can't ask for more.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Rodrigo Amarante, Fab Moretti & Devendra Banhart just to name a few involved.

So good. So fantastic.

the end.

don't believe me? See it for yourself.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Boots are made for kicking ass.

So this winter, with the snow and all (finally), I was seeking out to find sturdy boots that wouldn't tear after a rock scratches it, or a heel getting fucked up from walking around too much on unpaved roads. Looking through cute boots from various websites and designers, I realized, these aren't going to last in the snow/ice, and unpaved roads, let alone have any traction, forcing me to eat shit, as I am walking through the snow, drunk. (that is a possibility)
As I have been searching far and wide for comfortable, sturdy, yet aesthetically attractive boots, I came to realize, Dr. Martin's. DUH. So after looking through some of those, I was planning to purchase simple black leather Dr. Martin boots, until I found these babies.

Coincidentally, it snowed a lot today (4 inches), and so I tested out these boots and boy did they suffice. I shoveled snow and walked place to place in these boots. They are my favorite pair of shoes at the moment. And the touch of combat boot makes it ten times better and they match with my clothes just fine.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Finally, FINALLY, a place where everything that has to do with art is open to the public and is successful. And, you know what's even better about it?? They serve food because it is a restaurant as well.

SupperClub is this growing trend of restaurants that not only serves food, but also serves all different types of art, such as, music, dancing, performing, painting, etc. It's like a nightclub/ restaurant for people who are sick of seeing sleezy old men, or a million of look alike girls in their Bebe or Marcianos outfits attempting to dance but can't because they don't know what dancing is besides rubbing their groin on each other. (I almost puked thinking about it)

They are sort of like a society, building up their name by having their own music, their own magazine, and even their own vodka. (that seems to be the trend nowadays, your own vodka label..) This concept is almost too good to be true, and with this recession going on, let us pray SupperClub does not go down the drain.

This place is a must go, see, eat, and drink. They have various locations: Amsterdam, Istanbul, San Francisco, and Singapore. I believe all of the locations have a fixed menu, and everyday is a different event, so click on agenda and if you find a night you think you'll enjoy, make sure to RSVP before it's too late.