Thursday, December 25, 2008

"It is about God, yeah."

So I recently found out that one of my favorite songs is not about a girl, not about life, not even about a damn sandwich, but about God. I was blown away and I almost had to stop the car. Cat told me to listen to the lyrics carefully and that it would make more sense. Yea, I can see it as a song for God/Jesus, but i thought he was talking about a girl, or a boy, I didn't care; just not God.. You could take MGMT's "Electric Feel" song, take out 'girl', 'baby', and 'she', and you have yourself a deep, hip, religious song.
This discovery has led me to more research, finding out his father is a gospel minister and a recording artist. Also, according to Wiki, "In a video interview, Sparro confirmed that the song's subject is his religious faith, saying "It is about God, yeah. [...] I do like to have faith in something that is bigger than me." So there you have it, a hipster electronica, pop, religious song..
Oh and did I mention he is openly gay as well? Talk about mixing labels and categories.. its making it harder for Cat and me to categorize these things.. Reaching out through hipsters.. Its either genius, or embarrassing.. I haven't decided yet.
On the other hand, he made a song called 'Cottonmouth'. 'Black and Gold' and 'Cottonmouth' have a real high contrast between each other.. Possibly that was his past, and now he's cleaning up.


So I guess South Park was right... You can turn any love song into a Christian song, vise versa.

Well anyway, here's "Black and Gold". The video is pleasing. Male models in fitted tuxedos and top hats. Can't ask for more.

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