Monday, March 10, 2008

Music and fashion

I've always thought that fashion and style originates on the streets. Fashion and music go hand in hand because they are all forms of expression and they way people present themselves (blah blah blah), so who started it first (because this is the quintessential question for one upping the person next to you)?
I'm not sure.


I remember the first time I saw the video for "New Noise" and I thought "Oooo... Dennis is a fine dresser" with his kind of high water black skinny trousers and black sweater with the white button-down inside and just a hint of a black tie. Its a classic style, but where'd he get the idea to dress this way from? Certainly not from his earlier incarnation as grungy Swedish teenager. Ugh. It was minimalist, like their music aesthetic. So this, I feel is the music influencing fashion, most definitely.


Conversely, an obviously recent trend is epitomized in the Cool Kids.
Of course they are going to look like they walked out of 1992, they are 1992. In 1992, they were watching Barney just like everyone else (don't get me started on light blue jeans and neon colours). They grew up, figured this was a great way to show what era they felt was the best and mimicked it. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Not in all cases. If you're going to dress like a particular scene that has fallen by the wayside and been recycled yet again into fashion, don't get the most obvious things and "mix it up" or whatever with something present. No one wants to be so authentic that they look like an extra on Saved By the Bell. I smell eau de new rave coming off of this pic.

In short, I find its quite easy to predict what a person listens to by the way they dress. Puhlease don't give me that "ooo... I'm so more dynamic then what you're labeling me as" stuff. Then DRESS more dynamic.

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