Thursday, March 13, 2008


Okay, if you're a female who has the slightest interest in high fashion, you should know by now after about 2 years that oxford heels and women's dress shoes inspired by men's dress shoes are the shit. They are definitely a must have, and will be a timeless trend. They add tons of character and uniqueness to your outfit.
If you aren't familiar with such styles of oxfords and men's dress shoes, apprise yourselves.

These are brown and black laced oxfords platforms by Marc Jacobs

These are brown leather laced oxford platform by Jeffrey Campbell (who makes amazing shoes at a reasonable price)

These are grey patent leather laced oxford platforms by Michael Kors (love the grey and patent leather)

This one is the Jeffrey Campbell wing-tipped brown leather shoe which I personally own.

They're amazing, comfortable and definitely a one-of-a-kind.

I suggest everyone (male or female), invest in a pair of modern-classic dress shoes.
They make a boring outfit exceptional.

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annnim said...

Oh, those platforms by Michael Kors look really good! The grey leather!