Sunday, May 18, 2008


The buzz around Boyd Holbrook is something to consider since his resume consists of working with Dior Homme, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Missoni, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci to name a few. His portfolio is probably more than enough and has probably worked with more than one has wished for. And if you haven't been around, he's the face for Viktor and Rolf's cologne, Antidote. Boyd was discovered by a girl in Kentucky working as a carpenter for a theater. She watched him and asked him if he wanted to move to New York to become a model.
Sifting through different photographs of him on and off the runway, he is very versatile. He's gone through several looks and has taken part of different characters. Another interesting thing about Boyd is he is also an artist. He mostly sculpts in his studio in New York. Coming from me, liking Boyd is probably a shock since I don't even give any thought or care about blonde models.
I've always been attracted to dark-haired models, male or female, but Boyd caught my eye with his striking eyes, strong jaw line, and like I said earlier, his versatility in the modeling industry. I love it. He goes from grunge-man, to rockabilly, to classy-nerd, to avante-garde, high-fashion, queen. (that's a compliment) Also, I believe his personality really shines through his face and that is what makes me want to take a chance and get to know him. Honestly, he does look like a pompous, "douche-bag", in some of the photographs, but read upon him and try to get to know him better. It might change your perception. It changed mine. (click on photographs to enlarge)

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penny lops said...

boyd is amazing! he's absolutely gorgeous and talented and he's done so well!! kudos :D