Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little Girls

I can't find anything about Little Girls on the internets, other then their myspace. So...yeah...
They are my new favs anyways. Well I do know they are from Toronto and are signed to Captured Tracks (which has a lot of other great bands). Other then that, I gots nothing. Oh, and I do know they are awesome. "Youth Tunes" is especially good.

They kind of remind me of possible background music for this blog: 4Q Conditioning, who are also awesome.

I should probably buy a thesaurus, huh? Awesome.

I should start using words I used to use that are kind of like awesome, like cool, bomb, sweet, rad, or gnar. (I never used that last one, swear.)

This post needs a pic:

Michael Pitt kind of scares me sometimes. I think actors have a little of every character they play in them before or after they take roles. Let us just examine his career, no?

Hedwig & the Angry Inch - I don't think I need to even explain this one.
Murder By Numbers - Okay, okay, he's not necessarily the worst one.
The Dreamers - Hey, he's actually the most sane one in this one.
The Village - What? I don't even remember him in this one.
Silk - Alright, maybe he's not taking on bad personas in movies.

Who else misses Mass Appeal? :( 

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Your Ex-Roommate said...

Don't forget Dawson's Creek!