Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Camp, Kitch, Creep: Lux Interior 1948-2009



Lux Interior, lead singer of the The Cramps and all around crazy person died this morning y'all. Well, I didn't really expect him to last even this long, so congratulations on making it to age 62. I mean seriously, how did he not die from almost 40 years of bad behavior and questionable decisions? I don't know, but his was one of the better shows I had been to, way back in the heydays of 9th grade. They were the first band that I ever saw twice, I think (thanks Aldana for the free tix, twice). My 14 year old self was of course enamored of all things ridiculously obscene, and that he was. I remember Poison Ivy (his wife of over 30 years) looking kind of like my ideal of what hellions in, well, hell must look like. Lux came out wearing the world's tightest pair of black leather pants. In person, he was quite possibly the scariest human I had ever seen on stage. He was either wearing a grill of some sort on his teeth that looked like black-ish silver metal, or he had an aweful lot of cavities. He growled and kind of writhed around and to be honest, I don't even remember what they played, but I must have liked some of it. And around the end of their set, in true creeper fashion, wah-blam! those pants split right down the middle. Lux did not wear underwear. I have yet to see anything more insane.

True love, ya'll

Oh yeah, this is kind of what it looked like.

Thanks for all the bad music!

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